Introduction: The Cost of Selling Your Home

Before you prepare to list and sell your home, you should know what costs you’ll incur. Our guide will cover what to expect, what you should plan to pay for as the seller and the emotional costs of preparing to sell your home for the first time.

Step 1: Find a Seller’s Agent

What exactly does a listing agent do for you? Find out what kind of pricing analysis, marketing, design advice and market knowledge you should expect from your agent. 


Step 2: How to List Your Home

Listing your home is no easy feat- especially if you’re still living in it while trying to sell. We’ll share what you should expect during the listing process, how your agent can help you, buyer and seller etiquette, how to hold open houses and more. 


Step 3: How to Field Offers and Negotiate

Once you start fielding offers, it can be hard to know what to accept, what to negotiate and when to concede. Our guide will walk you through the negotiation process, what to expect during home inspections and what your agent should be doing.


Step 4: Prepare to Move

Once you accept an offer, it’s time to ready the moving trucks! We’ll talk about how to time your move, when to start booking movers and we’ll share the ultimate moving checklist.



Step 5: Closing on the Seller Side

You probably remember what closing day was like for you when you bought your first home. But, it’s a little different on the seller side! We’ll show you what closing day looks like for you, how your agent will help you and how much of the proceeds you can expect to walk away with.



Bonus: The Top 10 Suggestions for Sellers

You’re going to get a lot of advice, recommendations and tips from your family, friends, agent- even your neighbors! We’ll cover the top 10 common suggestions you’ll receive and discuss which ones are worth listening to and what to ignore. 



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